Digitizing your media ought to be both effortless and affordable. That's why Retrobox offers high quality service at a personalized price that fits your specific needs and budget.

Unlike many impersonal online services, we are a local small business, able to offer friendly consultation and customer support that ensures your memories are archived according to your varying, specific needs. Retrobox Media is located in Elgin, Illinois and is owned and operated by Travis, a digital media designer, specializing in historical archiving.

Retrobox uses high-grade technology to convert and transfer your memories.

How We Do What We Do

  • Videocassettes are carefully inspected for damage before being converted. A cleaning and repair service is offered if needed. Your videocassettes are then transferred onto DVD and edited to include chapter points for easy navigation and scene detection during playback.
  • Cassette Tapes and Vinyl Records are inspected and cleaned as needed, then digitized at CD quality settings: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz stereo sample rate. Additional filters and noise reducers are added to remove common pops, hisses, and crackles associated with these formats.
  • Photos, Slides and Negatives are carefully inspected and gently cleaned of any dust, dirt and fingerprints before being scanned. Photos, slides and negatives are all scanned and saved in high-res jpeg format. Additional editing, colour correction and resizing is available.
  • Personalized Slide Shows are a fun and effortless way to celebrate the lives of others. Simply provide us with the photos you would like to be included in your slide show and we do the rest. You can provide your own music or have our creative team find that perfect song. An amazing and memorable service for weddings, funerals, anniversary’s and birthdays!
  • Video Editing do you have a special event in need of a personalized video? Perhaps you have dozens of family videos, but just want a compilation of the highlights? Whatever your need may be, Retrobox can provide you with a high quality personalized video at a competitive price that fits your budget.

For consultation on your transfer needs, please contact Travis with the available form or call (239) 250-6878.

Audio cassettes that are ready to be digitatized to MP3

Six reasons why you should digitize your memories

  1. All videotapes wear out over time and eventually deteriorate to a point where the tape is no longer playable or viewable.
  2. Devices used to play older media formats are quickly becoming obsolete.
  1. Digital media (CD’s and DVD’s) are able to preserve your memories for a longer period of time.
  2. Storing your memories on CD’s and DVD’s takes up less room than storing analogue formats (videocassettes, LP’s, cassettes, photos).
  1. By having your memories digitized, Retrobox can enhance and improve their quality through the state-of-the-art equipment used.
  2. Your memories are your legacy. They can be preserved for future generations at a cost that is affordable.

Contact and Shipping

For consultation on your transfer needs, please contact Travis with the available form or call (239) 250-6878.

Retrobox is located in Elgin, Illinois. Local customers are welcome to drop off their orders. Out-of-town orders within Canada and the USA are welcomed as well. Please contact Travis for details and instructions on how to ship your memories safely and securely.